October 2008

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From your FHA Resource: Rob Smith, HMC, Inc   As a mortgage professional, one of my #1 priorities is to keep you informed with changes in the mortgage market and up to date on mortgage programs. We have all seen a shift in getting a borrower qualified for a mortgage. The shift has been made by lenders using FHA loan programs. The main reason behind this shift is due to the credit restrictions that have been placed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines from risk based interest rate pricing, risk based mortgage insurance premiums, and required down payments.    Many of you may not even understand what an FHA mortgage is or what it stands for, so I will give you a brief synopsis of what FHA is all about and some of the changes to FHA loan programs…
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HALLOWEEN TREATS!!! 520,000...MLS 113984...Island Tower...3/3            End unit...Motivated Seller... 280,000...MLS 142028...Crystal Tower...2/2 298,000...MLS 142414...Crystal Tower...2/2 339,900...MLS 109331...Crystal Shores...2/2 265,000...MLS 141496...Beach Club...1/1.5 315,000...MLS 141357...Beach Club...2/2 365,000...MLS 138265...Seaside Beach...3/2 431,000...MLS 131890...Bella Luna...2/2               1542 sq ft...FORECLOSURE   San Carlos
  • Developer Inventory
  • 82 Total Units
  • Direct Beach Front
  • 2 BR/2 BA...1229 sq ft...349,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1407 sq ft...399,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1568 sq ft...445,000
  • All units at 285 per sq ft
  • GO ZONE...expires 12/31
For More Information
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San Carlos Condominums …Gulf Shores, AL
  • Developer Inventory
  • 82 Total Units
  • Just Released
  • Direct Beach Front
  • 2 BR/2 BA...1229 sq ft...349,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1407 sq ft...399,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1568 sq ft...445,000
  • Great Views
  • Walk to restaurants, shops
  • All units at 285 per sq ft
  • GO ZONE...expires 12/31
For More Information Contact:   Des Gatti The Gulfshoreslife.com Team Keller Williams Realty Alabama Gulf Coast Direct (251) 233-9825 desgatti@gulfshoreslife.com www.gulfshoreslife.com
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T’was the month of October and all through the land
Foreclosures and short sales, things were not grand
And all of the people were feeling quite blue
For the once mighty Wall Street was doom and gloom too

And as darkness closed in and the people cried out
The leaders stepped in and created more doubt
“Fear not we can fix this”, they said, “you are strong”
Know the bankers and big shots have done nothing wrong

As for Freddie and Fannie and those on the brink
Sure they gave us some goodies, not as much as you think
But with the past now behind us let us all look ahead
This should be resolved by the time you’re all dead

But the people fooled once continued to dream
For they’d heard of a savior, the GulfShoresLife

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Stumped about the ever-shifting market?

Fine tune your perspective


Hello Neighbors!

Wow, when they called today’s real estate market a "shifting market," they were right on target. It keeps shifting, and shifting, and shifting ... Every time we turn on the news there’s a new development that affects our economy and therefore the ability of buyers to "buy" and the sellers to "sell."


SHIFT, the most recent book by Gary Keller, co-founder and Chairman of Keller Williams Realty Inc., begins with the following paragraph: "The Real Estate Market has shifted drastically and dramatically. Sales volume and the number of transactions have dropped significantly. Inventory has reached an all-time high. Buyers have never been more

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It is a nerve-rattling experience - a home inspection on your Gulf Shores home! If you are like most sellers, you may be more than a bit nervous when the home inspection rolls around. As most people know, a home inspection can make or break your Gulf Shores real estate transaction. Although there's not much you can do regarding the unknown, there are a few simple tips that can make the home inspection process a bit more pleasant:
  1. Clean up! This may sound simple, but the first thing you need to remember is that a home inspector's first impression of your home can often create an impression in his or her mind. A clean house, for example, evokes a feeling that the homeowner takes pride in his or her home and that basic maintenance has been taken care
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