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HALLOWEEN TREATS!!! 520,000...MLS 113984...Island Tower...3/3            End unit...Motivated Seller... 280,000...MLS 142028...Crystal Tower...2/2 298,000...MLS 142414...Crystal Tower...2/2 339,900...MLS 109331...Crystal Shores...2/2 265,000...MLS 141496...Beach Club...1/1.5 315,000...MLS 141357...Beach Club...2/2 365,000...MLS 138265...Seaside Beach...3/2 431,000...MLS 131890...Bella Luna...2/2               1542 sq ft...FORECLOSURE   San Carlos
  • Developer Inventory
  • 82 Total Units
  • Direct Beach Front
  • 2 BR/2 BA...1229 sq ft...349,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1407 sq ft...399,900
  • 3 BR/3 BA...1568 sq ft...445,000
  • All units at 285 per sq ft
  • GO ZONE...expires 12/31
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Stumped about the ever-shifting market?

Fine tune your perspective


Hello Neighbors!

Wow, when they called today’s real estate market a "shifting market," they were right on target. It keeps shifting, and shifting, and shifting ... Every time we turn on the news there’s a new development that affects our economy and therefore the ability of buyers to "buy" and the sellers to "sell."


SHIFT, the most recent book by Gary Keller, co-founder and Chairman of Keller Williams Realty Inc., begins with the following paragraph: "The Real Estate Market has shifted drastically and dramatically. Sales volume and the number of transactions have dropped significantly. Inventory has reached an all-time high. Buyers have never been more

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BEST CONDO VALUES on the AL Gulf Coast 499,900...Bella Luna 3/3....Foreclosure...                 398,900...Phoenix on the Bay....2/2  Phoenix on the Bay II 359,900...Seawind....2/2 wt bunk room                 579,900...Caribe...3/3....Bay View   Caribe Resort B  Caribe Resort C Caribe Resort D 315,000...Fish Camp...3/3...1500 sq ft 372,000...Fish Camp...3/3...1806 sq ft   275,000...Sanibel...2/2.5...Foreclosure 640,000...Phoenix West...3/4...Go Zone 545,000...Island Tower...3/3...End Unit 359,000...Beach Club...2/2..Great View 549,000...Beach Club...3/3...End Unit 324,900...Crystal Tower...2/2...Furnished 519,000...Lagoon Tower...3/3...1860 sq ft               (End Unit....Owner Financing                10% Down...4%
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Wednesday, September 17th, 6pm PST (9pm EST)
Deal Overview & Conference Call Number:   (Access is by invitation only. You must RSVP with the discount code: "cal carter")
Chosen by Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine as an "Investor Pick" to "Generate Above Average Returns"
  • Pre-Construction Single Family Homes Directly in the Path of Growth
  • #1 Metropolitan Area for Projected Economic Growth 2008-2012 (Forbes and Moody's)
  • No Property Taxes For Residents Over 65 (Major Incentive for Retiring Baby Boomers!)
  • #1 Micropolitan Area for Population
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Financing Solutions with David Reed

Getting a cash gift? Lucky you!

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Getting a gift in the form of cold, hard cash to buy real estate is a wonderful thing. Gift funds are a common way parents help their kids buy a home, but there are certain requirements to follow to ensure the gift transfer goes smoothly.

What exactly is a cash gift? Technically, it is a transfer of funds from one party to another without any expectation of being paid back. This non-repayment factor is a key element because lenders can’t accurately calculate debt ratios if the gift is in fact a loan. How do lenders

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Financing Solutions with David Reed

 Credit issues? Your lender can help.

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We frequently hear we’re supposed to regularly check our credit reports. And staying on top of this is especially important when starting to shop for a new home. There are three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These bureaus store consumer credit histories by the millions, and hundreds of thousands of businesses tap these bureaus for their data about you. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. Especially if you’re not the only “Bob Johnson” or “Susan Smith” who lives in St. Louis. 

Let’s say you receive a copy of your

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Financing Solutions with David Reed

Five Year Increments

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Which is better, a 30-year or a 15-year fixed rate mortgage?  A common and important question which, when answered, affects both the monthly payment and the amount of interest paid on a mortgage loan. While paying less interest over a shorter timeframe seems to be the obvious answer, the difference in monthly payment is surprising to some.

For instance, on a $300,000 note at 6.25 percent over 30 years, the principal and interest payment is $1,847 per month. Whereas on that same loan amount over 15 years at 6 percent, the payment jumps to

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Alabama - loved all over the world - Sweet Home Alabama!

Check out this video of the Finnish rock band The Leningrad Cowboys as they play for an audience with the Russian Red Army Choir picking up the background vocals of Lynyrd Skynyrds Sweet Home Alabama! 

When the tour is over they are all invited down to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores to enjoy the white sands and emerald green waters of the Alabama Gulf Coast, shop for a condo or beach house and to tip over to Lulu's to do their rendition of a few Jimmy Buffett classics!

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Financing Solutions with David Reed

Government Grants

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For first-time buyers, often the first thought that comes to mind is, “I need a down payment.” This is often followed by the question, “Now, where do I get that down payment?”

Depending upon the loan type, a home mortgage typically requires 3 to 5 percent down. If you have the money, then you’re set. But what if you don’t?  What if you’re renting? You can afford a mortgage within your means, but coming up with the down payment money needed to begin the transaction can be challenging. So, where can you turn?

One of the most overlooked

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